Couple shopping at market tent

  Crate 61 Organics

Vegan Bar Soap & Lip Balm


 Jazz Urban Style

All natural, vegan handcrafted luxury beauty brand. Through our small batch operation, we make high quality, handcrafted, vegan, cold process natural soap and bath products.


Long lasting lipstick that won’t smudge, budge or smear and lasts over 6 hours



Body lotions, man care, face care, solid perfume, perfume oil, bath and body oil, sugar cane scrub and more.

Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory

Handblown glass ornaments, Christmas decor glass items, Ceramics and Glass products.


 Kiryl Kucharavy

Christmas decorations.


 Planting Seeds Co

Ontario Wood, Handmade Wreaths, winter planter inserts, winter greenery, birch poles, candle holders, charcuterie boards, and more


 Toto Beau

Personalized Christmas Ornaments.


416CHAMPION is a unisex, ethical, sustainable and eco-minded clothing and skateboard brand based out of Toronto.


 Asiri’s Treasures 

Handmade Alpaca wool sweaters and winter accessories.


Creative design

Cotton panchos, woolen mitten, hand warmers, stay home socks, leg warmers, woolen jacket,woolen scarfs, unique pants.


Ecolife Trade

Organic toys, shoes/slippers, blankets, women’s wear, men’s wear, kid’s wear, mittens, socks, hats, therapeutic warmers, bags.



Leather Jewelry a mix of handmade and imported – Turkish Blankets & Towels – Scarves, Hats, Gloves



Sweaters, hats, T-shirts. December 1-11.



 Famous for our Pom Pom Toques.

 She’s Got Leggs

Women & Children’s leggings.


 Surbhi Originals

Scarves, shawls, handcrafted jackets, panchos, tunics

 Tartan Wool & Knits

Wool blankets, mitts, hats, socks, bags


 The Art of Wearing Socks

Bringing vibrancy and life into your life of wearing socks.  The Art of Wearing socks.


Tibetan Arts

Wooden hats, mitts, sweater and leg warmers.


Treasure of Tibet

Hand woven yak wool meditation blankets & ponchos, hand embroidered pants & tops, made with love &  care.


 Vastra Craft and Collection

Jackets, Scarfs, Hats, Gloves


 Voxxlife –

Voxxlife Wellness and Athletic Socks and Insoles.


BeaverTails pastries, fries, poutine, hot chocolate.


 Carla’s Cookie Box

Butter Tarts, Fudge Brownies, Cookies, Hot Chocolate


 Curb Crave

Canadian comfort food with a global influence.


 Indian Grill Restaurant

Butter chicken, naan, chickpeas, rice.


 Lakeview Burger

Fried Christmas Wraps, Donairs, and Bacon Wrapped Poutines


 Livia’s Food Truck



 Mad Mexican

Tacos, Salsa & Nachip Chips, Pickled Peppers, Artisan Oils, Mexican Sandwiches.



Wrapped and cured meats.


 Mr Corn

Hand dipped Corn dogs, homemade soup, Grilled Cheese, Chili, Baked Potatoes.


 Poutine Supreme

Hand cut russet potatoes, real curd cheese, all in a rich beef gravy.


Sausage Party Toronto

A veggie/vegan Hotdog pop up! Pairing hand crafted beer sausages and hotdogs, with fully loaded gourmet toppings.


 Spice of Life

Hot sauces & gourmet preserves.




Healthy and exotic BBQ.


 Tiny Tom Donuts

Hot Chocolate & Mini donuts flavoured with cinnamon, icing sugar, apple cinnamon, or chocolate.


 Tropic Love

Gourmet popcorn


 Ye Olde Fudge Pot

Hand made fudge, apple & caramel apples, beer nuts, peanut brittle, caramel corn & lollipops.

 Kay. At. Home

Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Benches, Hanging wood with mirrors, crafted wood furniture.


  Mr Bamboo Plus

Quality Home and Bedding products.


 Reciclar Factory

 Eco friendly recycled glassware, soy candles, & Christmas gifts.


Tenzing Collection

Hand Made Singing Bowl, Blankets, Woolen Shawls, Hats and Gloves.


 Vigurus Technologies

Proprietary sitting and standing cushions.

 Bella Beads

Jewelry – semi-precious stone necklaces, bracelets and earrings, leather bracelets; Christmas earrings and decorations.


 Fashion & Fusion

Fashion Accessories for women including hand made clutches, imitation jewelry and stoles.


 Fashionable Jewels

Themed necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings set in tarnish-resistant Rhodium and made with Swarovski Crystal.


 Laya Skye Jewelry

Sterling Silver studded with Natural Gemstone Jewelry.




Purabeada Crystals Bracelets are handmade with the finest quality round crystal beads.


 Queens 21

High end Fashion Jewelry to everyday wear; a huge collection of Handbags and Evening Clutches fit for any party any season.


 Reynah Armure

Handcrafted jewelry for men and women, lifestyle accessories, and confectionery.


 Social Gem

Fair trade hand-made jewelry, scarves, handbags, sweaters.





  Antler Guyz

Naturally shed antler for dog chews and treats.


 ihappy Novelty

Light up t-shirts, hats, glasses, & masks


 Postal Pooch 

Toys, treats & more for dogs. December 1-11